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How Can You Properly Prepare for Your Notary Appointment

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Let's face it, sometimes scheduling the notary appointment is half the battle. The question comes in trying to figure out what to do once the appointment is scheduled. The question then comes, how do you prepare? How do you make sure the appointment goes as quick and easy as possible?


First, it's my job, Jade's Notary, to make sure your appointment is as efficient as possible, that all your documents are signed and initialed in their appropriate places, and that you, the signer have a positive experience.

However, as the signer there are a few things that you can do to assist in this process:

  1. If you have your documents, make sure they are neat, clean and smudge free.

  2. Have the proper identification on hand. To review a list of Wisconsin approved identification visit Jade's Notary FAQ.

  3. Have the appropriate fees discussed ready to pay your invoice at the time of service.

  4. If the document requires signing in the presence of a notary, PLEASE WAIT, as this may void them.

  5. Have all parties needed for the signing present.

  6. Document signers should FULLY UNDERSTAND the document before signing.

  7. If documents require witnesses, make sure your witnesses are present with a photo ID at the start of the appointment.

Once you take care of the above 7 steps, your notary will take things from there. Your notary should always call to confirm the appointment once it is made. After that confirmation, there are a few things to look forward to on the day of your appointment:

  1. Be prepared for your notary to arrive on time.

  2. Your notary will go over your invoicing total and collect payment if necessary. To review all of Jade's Notary fees, please visit Jade's Notary: Fees and Services.

  3. Your notary will ask to review your identification.

  4. Before beginning, your notary will want to review your documents if they did not bring/prep them.

  5. Lastly, the signing will take place, and if mailing is required, the notary will compile the documents and prep them to be shipped to the appropriate party.



About The Author

Olivia Jade Kelly is an entrepreneur and owner of Jade's Notary, where she serves as a dully commissioned notary public for the State of Wisconsin and a certified Loan Signing Agent as well as certified Remote Online Notary. In addition to being the owner of Jade's Notary, Olivia is the proud owner of Visions of Jade, LLC, where she utilizes her years of experience as a virtual assistant and consultant. For more information as well as to shop my store click Visions of Jade, LLC.

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