Jade’s Notary offers the following services:

Notarization of Documents

Notarization of all documents for domestic or international use – Affidavits; Declarations and Statutory Declarations; Letters of Invitation to foreigners in support of an application for a visitors visa

Permanent Resident Card Applications

-Oath commissioned by a Notary Public;

Certification of an applicants photograph;

Declaration in lieu of Guarantor – Certification of supporting documents

Certification of Online Documents

We can only certify documents by printing them off a current/live official website and notarize and affirm that the print-out is a true copy of the electronic version

Consent to Travel

Preparation and execution of sworn-consent for child’s travel without one or both parents.

Certification of Copied Documents

Certification of a copy of a document by a Notary Public.

Loan Signings and Other

Refinances, Mortgages, Purchases, Debt settlement, etc.